Wedding| The Hughes 3/20/15

Garrett & Melyssa waited 6 long years for the day they would become husband & wife! 

When I entered the salon where Melyssa was getting her hair done for the big day (by the fabulous Aly Taylor!) , I entered a realm of calm that I didn't expect. She was relaxed, collected &  laughing! Sometimes when I enter the room where a bride is getting ready, there is a sense of nervousness that is palpable. Understandably so! But, not this day.

She was ready to become Garrett's wife & nothing was going to be make her lose sight of her prize. 

Their first look was one of real, heartfelt excitement & emotion. They couldn't keep their eyes off each other the whole time. It made our job easier;) There was very little direction needed for this couple that had waited so long to be married. It was beautiful. Their movements were fluid & sweet; his arm around her waist, her hand grasping his. It was a precious sight, really. 

The rest of the day went like that. Trey & I would catch them glancing over at one another from across the crowd, & they would grin. They were hardly separated the rest of the evening up until they departed their reception to go enjoy their honeymoon.

We were so excited to witness such pure love. Here are a few of our favorites from this sweet & special day.