We'll Make Your Wedding Film (and more)

Over the past year, Michelle & I have discussed and crafted a vision to expand our business, add people to our team, and offer wedding films. 

As of today, we are fulfilling that vision!

We are now offering wedding films as part of our wedding photo collections or as a separate service.

Why wedding films?

Because moving imagery tells a different story

We love a good still photo – that moment in time often communicates more than the heart could ever express.

But, we've also been emotionally-stirred by TV shows, movies, and YouTube videos of animals doing silly things.  

A film of your wedding day is priceless – to hear the sounds, see the faces, and remember how you felt during the most important day of your earthly life will forever be a treasure.

So, we're offering wedding films that are uniquely-crafted, couple-focused, and emotionally-compelling. 


The Hilleys and the Olsens were both emotionally-present couples that provided an intimate storytelling experience. Are you really into your future spouse and desire a film like this? Contact us.

Additionally, we've added Brett Taulbee (my brother) to our team as another filmmaker. Each of us is trained for our style of filmmaking, and we thrive on helping you relax on your wedding day.


We still can't believe we get to do this for a living. We've met and befriended so many special people through wedding photography these past several years and look forward to telling more stories together!

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