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Trey & I were married on a very rainy August 1, 2009 in Hurley, Mississippi. The consistent downpour added a coolness to an otherwise sweltering summer day. The rain was calming. I was calm, for the most part.. 

I have witnessed many wedding ceremonies & noticed a consistency in the way they begin. The bride makes her way to the end of the aisle, the groom is looking on in awe of his lady & the officiant takes his stance to begin. Most officiants have known the couple for some time & speak to that in their opening words. Before we know it, the pastor prays & welcomes the audience to witness this beautiful covenant. The bride & groom are sharing their first kiss as husband & wife, then they're headed back down the aisle.. & the anticipation has ceased... & comes the reception.. 

The ceremony goes by so fast! Wouldn't you agree?? I remind the brides before their big entrance to soak it in.. Take in their surroundings; the way their bridesmaids look at them with adoration & love, the way the best man winks at your groom with approval, the way your Dad's hand shakes as he answers with boldness, 'Her mother & I'. All of this is so special, so beautiful & so fleeting. 

This is to say, I will never forget what our pastor did before he began our ceremony. Once I made my way down the aisle, locking my eyes on my future husband, Gray (our pastor & good friend) looks at the faces in the crowd of friends & loved ones behind us. He then turns his gaze to us & tells us to take a moment to turn around & see the beautiful crowd! 'They are all here for you!'... This wasn't something we asked Gray to do beforehand! 

As Trey & I turned ourselves to face the crowd, my heartbeat slowed, my palms dried a bit & my mind focused more clearly on what was happening before my eyes. I made eye contact with these amazing people who were there for us; to love us, to support us & to witness this ceremony! 

It was an unforgettable moment & it caused me & everyone else to slow down. Im so grateful for slowing down. 

Taking a moment to pause & reflect on what was happening immediately in front of me. It was essential to us. 

So, this is an idea for you brides out there! Speak with your officiant about helping you & your groom take a moment to slow down once you reach the altar. It may look different than what we did, but whatever it is, make sure it gives you the opportunity to soak it all in. 

Until next time!! 

Courtney & Josh Levens. Michelle Taulbee Photography. 

Courtney & Josh Levens. Michelle Taulbee Photography. 

Michael & Alyssa Edwards <3 Michelle Taulbee Photography

Michael & Alyssa Edwards <3 Michelle Taulbee Photography

My husband &amp; I after my trip down the aisle. Oh, was I glad to see him &lt;3 Photo by Neal Ledbetter.&nbsp;

My husband & I after my trip down the aisle. Oh, was I glad to see him <3 Photo by Neal Ledbetter.