Keep It Coordinated!

Good Wednesday afternoon!

It is my philosophy that once the bride wakes up on her wedding day, all of her months of planning and the responsibility to execute flies out of the door. Her MAIN job is to relax with her friends, get pampered & marry the love of her life.

For some time, I have wanted to blog about (in my experience) the importance of hiring a wedding coordinator. When the bride begins to dive into wedding planning, there are always a few front runners in terms of what is most important to you, for booking & planning. For some of you booking a great wedding photographer is high on the list of priorities (& I love you for it!) because it is important to you to hire someone skilled to capture one of the most important days of your life. Some of you, upon your boyfriend dropping to one knee, can imagine the exact venue in which your big day will be held! And still some have their top florist on their recent Google search. 

But, one piece of advice from someone who has seen many types of weddings; hire a coordinator.

It is really beneficial for the bride & groom & really everyone involved for you to have a designated wedding planner/coordinator.

Now, I know it may sound like a fluff type luxury & you think 'Oh, I can do without that, Ill just get a friend to help out.' You know what, your friend may do an incredible job! But, follow up with her or him & determine if they have done this before and what the outcome was. 

When I book a bride, one of the main questions I ask is "Do you have a wedding coordinator or are you planning to hire one?" All too often the response is "No, we don't have one but I think my Mom will be doing most of that work." 

Poor Mom! 

Now, in some cases, Mom is on top of her game & will coordinate that wedding until the cows come home! But, for the most part Mom's job should be to enjoy the wedding day right alongside her daughter! 

My Top 5 Reasons to Budget a Coordinator:

1.) The communication between vendors becomes much easier when the bride can delegate to them what she wants & not have to worry about putting her hands on it! 

2.) The day of the wedding, the bride does not have to answer one single question about what time the flowers are supposed to arrive or when the DJ is supposed to start playing music at the reception. The coordinator already knows the answers to these questions or he/she knows someone that can answer them! The bride shouldn't have to deal with those details, day of. 

3.) The actual flow of the ceremony is set & will run smoothly as the coordinator has laid out where each person comes in & where they stand. The bride just sits back & relaxes as she embarks on the biggest day of her life! She shouldn't have to worry about what order the bridesmaids are to line up. 

4.) The actual flow of the reception runs just as smoothly as the ceremony, the bride & groom need only enter & get to their celebration. The leg work is taken care of for them! 

5.) As the photographer, the timeline of the day is CRUCIAL to our job. So, being able to contact the coordinator & nail down what she/he has discussed with the bride is so nice. The bride doesn't have to be bothered with those details; they are handled. 

Now, for the bride who NEEDS to have her hand in everything a coordinator may not work for you. But, for the most part a bride wants to be able to let go of much of the responsibility of the day. 

Just a little slice of advice from my brain to yours!

Happy Wedding Planning Ladies!


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