Choosing Your Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer requires more than finding someone to "take good pictures." You have to look for someone who can help you feel and look your best, while preserving your memories in a timeless fashion. With this in mind, here are 4 things to remember when choosing a wedding photographer: 

  1. Instagram doesn't hang on the wall. What you show your grandkids in 40 years will either be dated or, well, timeless. Your wedding photographs deserve to look better than the current trends and fancy edits because those things will pass. We capture images that will look amazing as a giant canvas on your wall, as well as in that photo album you will peruse when your hair is gray. 
  2. Details may be important – but people matter. Bouquets, cuff links, Pinterest creations, detail-laden dresses – these are important elements that reflect your personality and set the stage for your big day. But, when the flowers are wilting and sparklers burn out, your interaction with friends and family will remain an enduring memory. We've worked with brides who were able to get those last images with an ailing family member. One of our brides had a special friendship with one of her bridesmaids, only to lose her in a tragic accident a month after her wedding. Details may be important – but people matter. 
  3. Choose someone you can trust. And won't annoy you. You will spend the majority of the day balancing an array of emotions in the company of your friends and family – AND your photographer will be right there with you. Your photographer should never stress you out – instead, you should feel comfortable and like "yourself" in front of the camera. You should also trust that your photographer is already looking for the most beautiful shots – so you don't have to. 
  4. It takes one to know one. Marriage is the peak of human relationship – intended for our good. For us, it has been the most challenging, yet fulfilling "thing" we've ever done. Throughout the day, we keep you focused on that important fact. You're not just saying "yes" to the dress, or even "I do" to your significant other on the other side of the aisle – you're saying "I don't" to everyone else in the world. And when you exit your reception, you leave with a new best friend for life. We shoot weddings because we believe in marriage. We believe in marriage because it changes us for the better. 

So, here's to making a choice that suits you & the vision for your day!